Friday, 19 August 2011

ACW game (2)

The Confederates deploy their Brigade as the Union Regiment  takes more casualties from artillery shells , no infantry fire as yet as both sides were using maximum movement to gain positions.

Kimball's Brigade sweeps forward over half way to their target .

In the nick of time Confederate reinforcements arrive !.

Burks Brigade deploys to try and flank the Union troops .

In period dice cup - a reproduction tin mug bought in Gettysburg about 17 years ago .
The rules seem to be working OK  movement is 10" in column 8" in line , deductions for terrain vary . Rifle Musket range is 30" maximum , 18"for Smoothbore Muskets . Shooting is per base 1D6 plus or minus dice , then cross reference weapon with target formation ie close line hit on 5&6 at long range , open line 6 at long range. Same process for artillery batteries. Hits remove figures- 4 hits removes a base . Morale is taken by throwing a D6 and +/- points, result = 5+ okay ,43 halt, 21 retire, 0 rout. Will continue game and report back on the rules performance  . Too be continued...

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  1. Perfect use of a prop for a dice cup. Very flavoursome touch.