Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oh no ! NOT another Rule Book !

Yes I've succumbed to another new rule book ! , again from the presses of the Wargames Foundry . Like a lot of people I bought several boxes of the plastic ACW Perry figures when they came out - I already had 25mm metal Minifigs ACW which had lain unused for years, but with that strange logic that only Wargamers have - these would be different and get used !. Have quite a history of gaming ACW was the first period I did 40+ years ago - using plastic Airfix figures, used many different rules over the years a favorite being 'Johnny Reb' . I moved on to other periods and on occasions returned to the ACW  but found now that the rules were to long winded to play (as I've grown older I  tend to like simpler rules) . Painted my Perry plastics (I love painting ACW) tried them with Black Powder but it did not seem ACW to me - so they languished in their boxes .

It gets sadder - I even bought some new ACW  dice ! . Then Foundry announced they were bringing out a new set of rules for the ACW ! , I read a write up about them on the  Lead Adventure page, so I bought a copy - I LIKE THEM !!  rather old fashioned in some ways (like me) but simple (like me)  enough to use . Have set up a small battle to try them out .

So I will report back as the game goes on - but early indications look positive .

Confederate Brigade advances .

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