Saturday, 5 January 2013

O.S. FPW - The First Regiment

I've got the first unit of my Old School Franco-Prussian War painted. It's the French Regiment No. 48

18 advancing figures , a Standard Bearer,Drummer and 2 Officers
I  decided not to bother basing them as they have decent sized bases (unusual for figures nowadays !) and seem stable enough.
Unfortunately I ordered a standard bearer for the other French unit -the Chasseurs, only to find out that at this period in history they did not carry them ! - so another order has had to go in so I can replace the standard bearer with another trumpeter . I have also ordered another French line unit , a Prussian Jaeger unit and a gun and crew for each side.
Painted the blue and red colours a darker shade first then highlighted with a lighter colour.
The Regimental Standard is a downloaded one off Warflags website.
Sorry for the rather blurry photo of the basic French infantryman , he comes in 3 different poses -marching ,advancing and high porte so each unit will be different. Going to do a Prussian line regiment next.


  1. Great stuff, they look great!


  2. Nice looking regiment. Good job

  3. good looking unit there. wish my paintwork was as neat.