Sunday, 30 December 2012

OS F.P.W. Project -In the Begining.

Well the first order for my new project arrive and was put under the Christmas tree , opened on Christmas morning and then  found out I had made two schoolboy errors - NO superglue ! and NO black spray paint ! Grrrr !. The infantry figures come with a separate arm/weapon which needs gluing on - normally don't like having to glue figures but when I got some glue I found these fitted perfectly . With no flash and very little cleaning up I soon got them ready for spraying up. There are two Prussian line battalions and mounted command figure and a French line battalion and a Chasseur battalion plus a mounted officer. I am very impressed with the figures and am looking forward to starting painting them . More photos when I get started.


  1. Looks like you will busy when the black spray arrives then. Look forward to seeing these painted up

    1. Some purchased today - all I need now is it to stop raining so I can spray them up.

    2. Stop raining you say? What is this stop of which you speak?
      (Great blog by the way)

    3. When the great golden ball appears in the sky - used to happen in the olden days