Saturday, 3 August 2013

DBA Camps

I hate making scenery ! , its the woodworking aspect that I dislike most . My woodwork teacher at school said 'you will only ever be fit to cut down trees and make firewood!' (this was when teachers could express themselves in this way without being sued or the pupil going into a fit of depression !) (do woodwork teachers still exist in this modern era ?). When we started playing DBA about 20 odd years ago we did not bother with each army having a camp , which was a shame as they can be captured and add spice to the game . So this time around I thought I would make a camp for each army . Luckily nowadays you can buy all manner of accessory to help as illustrated by the above selection that I bought at Salute this year.
OUCH !!! that hurt ! , having made the blood sacrifice to the gods of wargaming I continued with my task .
There that was not hard was it ! . The one on the left is a Spartan sacred enclosure (sic) and the one on the right for the Greeks - hence the amphora etc . The rather smug looking fairy was rescued from the jaws of the puppy - suspect it may originate from next doors garden . Will let the glue dry then spray them black prior to painting . Am now off to seek first aid for my finger.


  1. Looking good. I hope to do some HOTT and DBA armies for Hyborian games soon but must remember to make the strongholds first as I least like doing it. Hope the finger is ok

    1. A mere scratch !, will post photos when I get them painted .

  2. Any blood in the alcohol on that finger?

  3. The blood sacrifice makes this project POWERFUL!