Sunday, 12 May 2013

Return of a Old Friend

Been sorting out some old rule sets for disposal and came across my copy of DBA version 1 , I sold all my DBA armies years ago as I had stopped using them and flicking through the rules was struck by the elegant simplicity of them (before the morphed into DBA 2.2 or whatever they are now !). I began to think I should start playing them again - simple and fun for solo games and a campaign system too !. I decided I would rebuild my Greek Hoplite armies as I seem to remember having some cracking games in this period . I have chosen Chariot Miniatures Greeks and have got enough to do a Greek Hoplite, a Spartan and a North Greek Army , 'A' was kind enough to pass on some unwanted figures as well . I've dug out my relevant Ospreys and have made a start of painting them (the great thing about DBA was always that you did not have to paint masses of figures), after painting 30/40mm figures going back to 15mm is a bit of a re-learning curve and I've decided to go with shield transfers as well . Here are the first few bases painted.


  1. Nice job mate, I'm struggling to paint my 15mm stuff I'm not getting the feel for the size.

  2. Back to the future, eh? Painting 15mm beyond me now though. Look forward to seeing how this goes.

  3. Interesting to hear other comments on 15mm. Every time I try to get back to this scale I give up as my peepers start aching. I like chariot Miniatures, but always found them a bit brittle.

    1. They are produced by Magnum Militarum (?) and they seem to use a softer metal - 15mm is a pain to paint - glad I have a limited number to do !

  4. Looking at the related HoTT (Hordes of the Things), I have been very tempted to create something for it. What I like partularly is the imagination that goes into the armies - VietNam War Yanks, Steam Punk Brits, Spiders (Spiderman being God), jungle animals, My Little Pony... I thought of doing Baron Richtofen's Flying Circus (flying hero and lots of other flyers), but will probably settle on something straightforward: Seven Years' War Russians. A couple of jager figures can form the 'Lurker' element...