Friday, 30 September 2011

Re-Basing in the Garden

Having the day holiday and with the wonderful weather we are having I decided to do something worthy in the garden . No not gardening - although there is lots to do out there - but re-basing figures . I bought these Spencer Smith plastic Hussars off EBay several months ago and they have sat in a box waiting for me to renovate them .

The work was overseen by Mathew who at the venerable age of 16 has seen a lot of wargaming . As a kitten he was a great thief of model trees (evergreen preferred) which used to have to be recovered from the garden . The Hussars were painted as a fictional unit so I have decided to leave them as such so they may be allied to either the Prussians or the Austrians as needed .

The finished Regiment rebased, paint touched up and waiting for a coat of yacht varnish to finish them off . Decided to call them the' Gutenberg Hussars '.

1 comment:

  1. Mathew looks like he's put out that you're using his sunning perch for something other than letting him lounge around. Or is he waiting for you to look away before he reverts to kitten-hood and takes a swipe at your hussars? ;-)