Friday, 9 March 2012

TSATF Eygptian- Madhist Game

Both of us having the day off 'S' and I  decided to play a game , the choice was 'S's and having not played TSATF  for a long while it was the natural choice - light hearted , easy to remember/play rules . Above is the table with the 3 Objectives which the Egyptians had to reach , 1 blow up the Mahdist HQ , 2 capture the cattle , 3 poison the well.

Egyptian command under 'Brookes Pasha' .

Mahdist riflemen lie in wait in the village .

The Egyptian forces advance - Infantry, Bashi Bazook Cavalry and M/G. Unfortunately I got so carried away whilst playing the enemy forces I forgot to take pictures at crucial times .

The Egyptians form line and break up the Fuzzy Wuzzy attacks (the coins are to track how much ammo a unit has) , the strip of fabric to the left of the picture is a Wadi that was generated by a drawn chance card .

The Mahdist forces were moved onto the table by dice rolls and entry points diced for . Here Mahdist cavalry and Ansar prepare to stop the enemy from poisoning the well.

The Egyptian M/G fired off all its ammo in one turn due to a chance card - 'mad minute'

The Egyptian Bashi Bazooks clash with the Mahdist cavalry - and loose !.The Mahdist infantry units were hampered by casualties amongst unit command figures which prevented them moving a crucial stages of the game .

Although they took heavy casualties - their cavalry routing and a infantry unit getting massacred whilst in square, the Egyptians managed to place explosive charges and destroy the HQ . A victory to the Egyptians although a somewhat Pyrrhic one with the Mahdists preventing them getting the other two objectives. A great game played in about 2 hours with time for cups of tea and bacon butties !. (figures are mainly Old Glory with the odd Perry figure and the Bashi Bazooks are Castaway figures, click on photos to enlarge)

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  1. Very nice, looks like someone is having a great time.