Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Napoleonic General De Brigade Game.

At the weekend 'A' called around and we set up and played a small Gen d' Brig game to remind me of the rules. In the past we played them a lot using 15mm figures but this was my first time using my 25mm figures and the new edition of the rules. I had 2 brigades a infantry one and a cavalry , set up as above.
'A' set up his force of late Prussians , we had about 700pts each .
We had agreed on a simple head to head meeting scenario .
To start the ball rolling I sent my cavalry to attack his cavalry - from this moment on the game went down hill for me !.
My cavalry are driven back - then when he follows them up they break and flee the field !
My infantry advance and a protracted fire-fight begins in which my men don't seem to be able to hit a barn door !- and it gets worse !
In desperation because my right flank is exposed to his reforming cavalry , I decide to charge him !
Not only did my infantry fail to charge home but his cavalry charged and caused my flank unit to flee . This meant adjacent units had to take morale rolls - which they failed ! , this meant I had to take a Brigade morale test which my Brigade failed ! - and fled the field !
A sample of my dice rolling !. Although I had a run of bad luck - even 'A' admitted he was lucky , the game went well and although we were a bit rusty at times with the rules I am keen to have another go at them .
The victory feast for Generals that do not fear calories !


  1. Great looking game, shame about the result. It happens to us all at some time

    1. Rules worked well even though I lost