Friday, 11 October 2013

Longstreet - Flank Attack.

First of all an apology and a confession - My wargaming colleague 'A' came round to try out 'Longstreet' and I forgot to take photos of the battle - well I took photos but not very many and they do not illustrate the battle very well - that's the confession (in my defence I was busy telling 'A' how the rules worked and I got carried away as the battle hotted up !) . I must apologise to 'A' as he won and I cannot immortalise his triumph in photos .

The initial set up , my Confederates on the right - attacking , the Federals on the left defending . 'A' was the Federal commander.
The Union commander and hand of cards.
My alter ego the Confederate commander.
My troops start off on a flank march , which never really arrived !.
'A's army start to roll up my left flank .
My troops deploy but the enemy have got there first !.
I play 'Old Rivals' to interrupt his moving this regiment !.
'A's Zouaves stop my advance in its tracks .
'A' played this card and managed to remove 5 of my 6 cards in my hand ! , the battle went down hill from this point with him charging and driving one of my regiments from the table . This meant I had taken enough casualties to lose the battle . I realise I have not illustrated how the rules work or the influence the cards have on the moves , but commanding one of the armies was very distracting - especially when your loosing ! so I am going to set up a solo game next and go through the play more slowly and show how the cards work .

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  1. Ah, good. I received some of the minis I need for my Longstreet project.