Monday, 28 October 2013

Reinforcements .

One of the problems of finding a set of rules I like is that I go off on a tangent and all my many projects are shelved as I madly paint up extra figures I always seem to need for the new rule set . For 'Longstreet' I needed cavalry - so I dug out a box of the Perry plastic cavalry that I have had for several years in storage . Now plastics are not every bodies cup of tea but as Foundry Union cavalry are running at 3 for £12 plus postage I decided I would use plastic .
They glued up very quickly - the earlier boxes of Perry plastics had less bits to them and match in well with the rest of my figures .
I also did some dismounted figures as well , these are a mixture of Foundry and Perry figures.
I also re based my Confederate mounted command. Next up are the plastic Confederate cavalry .


  1. Very nice looking figures, I love the dismounted ones, great poses and paintwork!

  2. Super work, but plastics, oh dear, oh dear...