Sunday, 26 January 2014

Garibaldi Update .

Its been a while since I posted anything about my Garibaldi/Red shirts project . It's been chugging along in the background slowly and it's nearly got to the point when I have enough for a game - using Black Powder. Here is a command figure for the Garibaldini , a Irregular figure of course .

Neapolitan command - CinC  in full dress and a subordinate in undress uniform , again Irregular figures.

A Neapolitan gun and crew.

Garibaldi's Sicilian Volunteers 'picciotti'. There are lots of references to these in his early battles but not much in the way of uniform/clothing description . I decided that Spanish Napoleonic guerrillas would be the nearest I would get , the next problem is size - the Irregular figures are quite small - true 25mm and lots of modern figures do not look right with them . I thought I would try Hinchcliffe - they do a limited range of Spanish , so I mixed in a few AWI  militia . They will count as Irregular skirmishers and be in 2 small units when finished.


  1. Nice additions they look good especially the mixed unit for the guerillas.

  2. Very nice. I do like Irregular miniatures, and the Hinchliffe bods are holding their own well too.

  3. Fabulous additions to the project, really well done.

  4. Not a biscuit in sight! Nice, and unusual, period to see, so I'm looking forward to more of these. By the way, Trent do armed Italian civilians in their French Revolution range which might do at a push.

    1. Oh didn't know about them - will check them out !