Saturday, 11 January 2014

Limbering Up For The New Year.

One of the things I dislike to paint is Limbers and Teams , they are expensive and don't get used a lot BUT they do look nice when finished and are impressive on the table , here is my Union team and limber for my ACW  army , a Perry model - very nice but the designers have left you with no method of attaching the limber to the horses ! - without modelling correct traces etc . I resorted to a thin metal pin inserted into the horses flanks and painted black to avoid people seeing it !

Another view of it , I have a Confederate one to do as well when I get around to it. P.S. Blogger seems to be working again !


  1. Great work but btw your Christmas Regt post hasn't come up here at all.Blogger probs again?

  2. Sitting in a couple of boxes here I have zillions of plastic limbers and teams waiting for my attention. Zillions. Well, quite a lot, but as they still require painting, the number is large and indeterminate. I feel certain that so large and indeterminate a number must carry sufficient weight as to rep[resent a whole new branch of mathematics...

    1. They are a pain to put together - but well worth it !