Monday, 2 July 2012

Muskets and Tomahawks 400pt Game (Part2)

The second move started with event card 1 , this triggers a dice roll on the event charts . This meant that there was a friendly fire casualty on the unit of Rangers , who took a moral test and recoiled. The British Lt I nfantry reached the buildings but took casualties getting there.

They were shot at by flanking enemy units and because they did not have cover took heavy casualties and recoiled , the Officer was left behind and was shot at by the Canadian Militia , oh dear ! things were not going well for the British.

The right flank unit of Rangers charged and destroyed the French unit of Coure De Bois, but the Lt Inf. in the centre took further casualties.

The Ranger moved across to boost the morale of the suffering Lt Inf. just as the Rangers he left were charged by Indians, diced abysmaly and were destroyed.

The Ranger Officer managed to get the Lt Inf. to move forward again but was shot by a unit of Indians flushed by massacaring the Rangers .

The isolated Lt Inf. took casualties from another Indian unit to their rear flank and suffered 3 casualties - and routed ! . The French had won ! having caused 2/3rds casualties on the British.

The men of the match ! , this unit caused major casualties on the British centre . The British lost the battle because they tried to attack the buildings before clearing the flanks and were constantly caught in the open - hence the heavy losses . The French were lucky with the run of cards at times and with their dice throwing . A great game , the system plays solo very well , the card draw adds uncertainty to the game and the shooting , moral and melee rules are simple to remember.

The French celebrate their victory !


  1. Splendid game.I am becoming rather tempted by these rules as I would be wanting them for solo play.Minimal layout for maximum fun is what I aim for these days and this could well meet such a criteria for me.

  2. You can start on a 4'x4' table , 200pts per side is about 12-24 figures each force.

  3. A French victory? Come, come: we can't be having that...
    Nice report, but I'll stick to Sharp Practice I think.