Sunday, 22 July 2012

Painting Highlanders

When my wargaming colleague 'A' said 'would you I like a commission to paint some figures for me ?' I should have been suspicious as he usually paints his own , then he told me they were Napoleonic Highlanders ! . Now there may be more complicated uniforms to paint but I can't think of many (peraphs Hussars ?) so it was with some misgivings I said yes. He also wanted super detailed Perry figures to add to the pain .

Well I buckled down and got the centre company figures done , I looked at a couple of uniform sources and they disagreed on the tartan - the problem with tartan is getting it to look right at a 'wargaming distance' of about 3' . Once I got started it was not to bad and I must admit I quite enjoyed painting them . Half done half to go !.


  1. Those look ok to me! Kilts in 28mm are a pain I agree!

    1. Think I'm getting the hang of it-24 out of 32 done phew!