Sunday, 1 July 2012

Muskets and Tomahawks 400pt Game.(Part 1)

I have been planning to try out a 400pt M&T game on a 6'x4' table and after several 200pts games think I have got the hang of the rules now.

The French/Indian force comprised of 2x6 Canadian Milita 1x6 Canadian Militia (Couer de Bois) and 4x6 Indians (count as Auxilary) 1 French Officer and 1 Indian Sachem.

The British force comprised of 12x Light Infantry and 2 x7 Rangers (Elite) .They were commanded by a Ranger officer and a Light Infantry Officer.

The British force got 'Raid' as their objective (burn the French trading post) and the French also got 'Raid' which was changed to 'Engagement' (only one side can have 'Raid' objective) and had to drive the British off with 2/3rds casualties. The side plots were , for the French 'Truce' (not to open fire first) and for the British 'Rivalry' (British Lt Inf Officer to cause more casualties than the French Officer).

The Fench trading post - the British Objective.

The British plan was to attack the settlement and burn it down with the Lt Infantry whilst the Rangers covered the flanks , above Rangers engage with the French Coure De Bois and Indians on the left flank.

The British Lt Infantry move forward to engage the French Militia in the trading post . The French units had a run of cards which enabled them to get into position to occupy the buildings and woods covering the flanks . The French lost their side plot by opening fire first - the Lt infantry in the open was to good a target to miss ! . The first move ended with the sides evenly matched ...... Too be continued. 


  1. How well do you think the rules play solo?
    Super looking set up by the way.

  2. They work very well , the card system helps as units/types are selected at random on the card draw and the rest of the rules are very simple . The big advantage of these rules is the scenario generation ( I'm rubbish at scenario design ) and the side plots plus the event cards which help turn out a different game each time.