Monday, 26 November 2012

ACW in Old School Style

Although I have a ACW army in plastic/metal using Perry Miniatures , I was tempted by a large box of several hundred unpainted Spencer Smith plastic figures on EBay . I had the idea of recreating Featherstones ACW battles . This project has lapsed somewhat ( so much to do and so little time ) , but I got an extra unit of Zouaves in metal and have managed to get them painted .
Been messing about with various computer programs and came up with this rather pleasing photo effect . Looks very 1960's



  1. Great looking unit there Sir!

    I have the same figures in my collection only based a little differently!


    1. Have based them singularly as I am not sure where I'm going with these yet.

    2. My Zouaves are based singly too but are grouped on magnetic bases.

      They are in the background of the third picture here:

      My movement trays can be seen more clearly here: