Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Houses For Settlers.

One of the purchases from my weekend visit to the Warfare show at Reading this last weekend where two new laser cut buildings for my French Indian Wars .
These are to replace my rather old and sad resin log cabins . They are by .
They come ready painted and all you have to do is assemble and glue them together.This takes some doing ! as they only go together in one way and you have to follow the sequence of construction accurately ! - if you don't this leads to mistakes and blaspheming !
They come with interior details , even a fireplace ! A very Des Res !
Ready for the next Muskets and Tomahawks game !


  1. These look great, very tempting.

  2. I'm quite impressed with these. I intend to get some more at some point. I found the instructions quite easy to follow as well is it the same for these?

    1. Think the problem was me not following the instructions properly !.