Sunday, 25 November 2012

More New Homes.

More buildings from 
These are some 15mm European houses that I have been gluing together for 'A' . We saw a lot off them at this years Warfare show on various demonstration games and competitions and were all very impressed with them . They come ready painted and being 15mm scale where easier to put together than the 28mm log cabins I did for myself. (or did I just follow the instructions this time !?)
These FOW models show the scale better. With prices very similar to cast resin model houses and already painted I think they sound the death knell for resin buildings.


  1. I bought some of these at Warfare also and very impressed. Very suitable for 19th & 20th Century not so much for earlier. The walls and fence packs are also very good


  2. They are really good I must admit. I like the fact that you can put troops inside also.