Sunday, 11 November 2012

Next Years Project ?

I am not noted for my planning of projects when it comes to wargaming , periods/collections like Topsy 'just grow'. So I alarmed myself by thinking of doing another 'Old School' project and planning the end result ! . I have been looking at the Donald Featherstone Horse & Musket rules which I always tend to think of being ACW  ( The Battle of Plattville Valley) and also looking at the FPW  figures by Spencer Smith and came up with the idea of combining the two .
The rules would be Featherstone's 'Horse & Musket'.
The figures Spencer Smith , painted in a 'Toy Soldier' manner , single based.
The armies would be copied from the Platville game - 6 units of infantry per side (each of 20 figures), 2 units of cavalry per side (each of 15 figures) and 2 guns and crew per side . this being a 'Old School' project I can ignore history and have French Guard in bearskins and Zouaves together and a Bavarian / Wurttemberg contingent for the Prussian rather than boring line infantry units . This is a total of 120 infantry figures, 30 cavalry and 2 guns and 8 crew per side . Well that's enough planning for today , going to pick which figures for each unit now . To be continued .......


  1. Sounds like something worth doing!

  2. Looks like a viable project. Are you sure you won't get sucked in to extending the forces?

    1. I fear I may knowing my track record