Wednesday, 6 February 2013

O.S. ACW Game. (part 1)

I am planning to use Donald Featherstone's Horse and Musket rules for my Old School FPW  games and thought it might be interesting to try them out - the last time I used them was probably about 35+ years ago !.

Not having enough FPW figures painted up I decided to dig out some Spencer Smith ACW figures to play a game .
The layout of the table and objective - Thoroughfare Gap . The game will last 8 moves .
My opponent 'A' scrutinises the rules for loopholes !
The Union forces march onto the table - been playing around with Picassa for period effect !
The Confederate general sights the artillery personally.
The Union forces deploy .
The Union take the Gap under heavy artillery fire ! . The rules seem to be giving a fast paced game - maybe artillery fire needs toning down a bit but will see how the game progresses . Too be continued....


  1. Good start to the battle report!
    B&W looks excellent- no doubt taken by one of theses box cameras accompanied with flashpowder for indoor use...

  2. Very evocative of the Old School! Very crisp pictures, too.
    Thanks for following my blogspot.