Sunday, 17 February 2013

O.S. FPW High Command.

I should really be painting line infantry units but when these figures arrived through the post I decided I must get them painted ! . Above is the Prussian C in C and his staff , they are 30mm Tradition figures.
The French High Command, these are Willie 30mm. I ordered them from Tradition of London and rather expensive they were ! but very nice indeed . ( I did at one point think of giving my French units a Vivandiere each - but not at these prices ! )


  1. Expensive, yes, but very fine figures, well finished, too. The Tradition figures are absolutely superb, and the Willie I like for the way the 'capture' the period look. Excellent.

    1. Am tempted by some more of them - will have to start saving my pennies !

  2. Going well and looking good!

  3. I'm painting up some SSM FPW for an C19th ImagiNation alternative ACW game! The SSM figures are nice to paint. I've also gone for the identical Tradition figures for my command. They are lovely figures!
    Only just discovered you blog so will be following now! Nice stuff!

  4. Thanks for your interest Andy , hoping to get some of their cavalry done next.