Monday, 3 June 2013

First O.S. Franco Prussian War Game.

Having got all the figures painted of my initial order for FPW 30mm Spencer Smith , I thought it time to try them out on the table using Featherstone's Horse and Musket rules . I diced for the set up of units as the book suggests and the Prussians came on the roads and one unit off table in reserve . The French appeared more centrally and moved to exploit the Prussian set up by splitting their forces in half . However the Prussians move towards the centre to stop this and the Artillery moves swiftly down the road on the right and unlimbers ready to fire next move.
Prussian Artillery unlimbered and ready to fire.
The French columns advance swiftly and are joined by their artillery .
The Prussian Jaegers move into position to deploy in skirmish order to counter the French move.
The Prussian CinC  looks on with Teutonic satisfaction . Too be continued ......


  1. Very nice! The figures, terrain and table give a great O.S. effect. The Don would be proud, I'm sure!