Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Sword and the Flame in North Africa (Finale).

The Arab cavalry charge the French right flank unit - and die in vast numbers !
The Tirailleurs drive the Arabs from the village - their officer is wounded at the moment of  triumph .
The French set up their artillery .
The Arab cavalry is driven off .
The artillery range in on the Arab flanking force !
To compound their misery the Arabs draw a chance card and halt having thrown a '4' .
The Arab infantry rally after being driven out of the village and charge to retake it .
After a fierce melee they rout !
Another unit charges into the village and is mown down by disciplined volley's - the French at this point in the game threw exceptionally well !
With most of the Arab forces in retreat one of the cavalry units lost its leader and went berserk ! charging the French battery .
The lone surviving Arab managed to wipe out the Artillery crew and wound the CinC  (throwing +2 on dice) .
This hero then charged at a infantry unit and was cut down by their volley . A interesting game - the poor Arabs had some bad luck - their reinforcements did not arrive , the had little ammo and the French could not roll a dice wrong !. This has inspired me to get back into wargaming the Foreign Legion again , I must  point people to the following website- brilliant !-


  1. Note that you do NOT need to use "the wayback machine" or equivalent to get to the indicated website.

    It is still available online:

    -- Jeff

    1. Cheers for that I've amended it , Tony