Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Sword and the Flame in North Africa.

Its several years since I visited the Sahara - in miniature of course ! so I got out my copy of TSATF  and set up a game for something a bit different.
It is a dawn raid on a Arab village by a French column comprising of 3 companies of Senegalese Tirailleurs and a Mountain Gun -facing them 2 Arab foot units and 3 mounted units (generated by a dice throw).
The French force advances in the early dawn .
They are ready for the attack !.
Help is on the way !
The Tirailleurs come under fire from the village .
The Mountain Gun moves up in support .
The French open fire !.
An event card is drawn - the fight hots up ! Too be continued ......


  1. I look forward to more news from this battle.

    And, in case you are unfamiliar with it, here is a link to Ian Croxall's FFL site with lots of good inspirational material for TSATF table top gaming in North Africa:

    -- Jeff

    1. It was this site that set me off on this period ! a brilliant source of all things desert !

  2. Looking forward to the next fabulous instalment!

  3. Great looking game.