Sunday, 12 June 2011

Small Napoleonic game (1)

As a break from painting and gaming SYW I have decided to set up a small Napoleonic game . I  will be using Black Powder as this gives I think a quick game and is easier to play solo than General De Brigade . I must admit my Napoleonics  have been pushed onto the back burner of late whilst I have been concentrating on other projects (see my other blog) . I also have not firmly decided which rules are my favorites , I  have been using - Black Powder , Gen D Brigade and a couple of Old School sets, all have their merits - and faults or rather drawbacks . I think I may settle for playing them all and just picking which one I fancy at the time . This game is a clash of advance guards to control a valley in advance of the main body of the army . The Austrians have the classic - Hussars/Grenz/Jaeger combination and the French - Hussars and infantry . The French have the edge command wise , but the Austrians are slightly stronger but have a weaker moral . I will play for 8 moves and then dice for the arrival (1st move 6, 2nd move 56, etc) of the main forces , the game will end then . I think it is important when playing solo to have a definite cut off point to finish a game.

The general layout of the encounter

Austrian CinC  watches the Hussars move up to position

The French deploy

The first Austrian Brigades moves into position

The French infantry move swiftly up the road

The French are lead by a veteran battalion

The Austrian form line and their gun opens fire

The French infantry moves smartly forward and deploys into attack column

The Austrian left is being threatened

To be continued.......

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