Saturday, 4 June 2011

Capture the bridge (3)

The Austrian pushed over the bridge , the Prussian Jaegers fell back before them . The second battalion of Austrian foot crossed the bridge and started moving to the left flank.

The Austrian Hussars reorganised and the Prussian Hussars moved to clear the camp and deploy.

The Austrian Hussars charged the Prussian cavalry . The Austrian infantry starts to deploy to hold the left flank .

On the right the Prussian foot deployed and the opposing lines started to open fire .

The cavalry melee ended in a stalemate and after the second move both sides broke off and  rallied back . The fire fight on the right flank continued and the Austrian infantry were forced to retire with most of their officers being casualties ( The Brigadier was wounded twice but survived !) . However the Prussians also started to receive heavy losses from the Austrian battalion guns .

In the centre the Austrians deployed their infantry and the Light infantry units started firing at close range . With 20 moves played it seems that the Prussians will not be able to retake the bridge as their cavalry had been driven off and their infantry had started to loose heart - they still hold the inn but with no artillery support the Prussian CinC decided to retreat . The Austrians had lost a lot of Hussars and one of their infantry battalions is very shot up , but are in a strong position with two almost untouched units and their two guns . The second game I think will be a Prussian counter attack on the bridge - I will move the terrain down the table to allow the Prussians room to maneuver.

A good game , think it could have gone either way . Man of the match was the Austrian Brigadier who was hit twice in the same move and made the two required saving throws (5 & 6 on D6) his added morale bonus held the infantry unit together after most of their officer became casualties.

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