Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Small Napoleonic Game (2)

Move 4 started with the Austrian Hussars making a blunder roll and had to advance to their right . The French cavalry charged them

The French infantry were held up by fire from the Austrian Jaegers and were disordered 2 moves running . The second French battalion moved up on its flank and moved into the rough ground to take on the Austrians .

The cavalry melee ended with the Austrian Hussars retiring back as did one of the French units .

This is the position at the end of move 4 , I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things with Black Powder , for Napoleonics it is perhaps  not as 'cute' as General D' Brigade but is quicker to play solo .
With another 4 moves to go , the French I think will have to be a bit more aggressive . The Austrians need to get more of their infantry into action .......

The little red gems are casualty markers - I need to make some proper ones with casualty figures
when I get around to it . To be continued ..... 

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