Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A new -old project

Been rebasing my ancient Peter Laing Crimean armies - well got a start at least !.

4 Battalions of the Azov infantry regiment

I must have had these figures for 30+ years, painted hundreds in about 1 year . Each infantry Battalion has 44 figures in it and if my memory serves me correctly I have in total 17 Battalions ! , that's (pauses to find calculator on computer) - 748 Russian infantry - bloody hell ! I must have been really keen in those days  , mind they were only about 5p each then . Not to everybody's taste , but in my eyes they had a certain style and after all these years - rebased don't look to bad . I must have about 450 + British infantry plus cavalry and guns all of which need rebasing so this may take some time . Have used several sets of rules over the years and with this revamp may try out Black Powder with them .

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