Friday, 17 June 2011

Small Napoleonic game (3)

Sorry no photos of the finish of this game . The battery went flat in the camera and doesn't want to charge again , it seems to be the fault of the charging unit and as its still in warranty it is being replaced - but I have to wait 3 days till a new one arrives. Well to cut a long story short the Austrians lost - making 2 blunder rolls in one move did not help ! their Jaeger had to retire and the French infantry charged and trounced the Grenz . The other Brigades Grenz blundered and had to retire . The French CinC advanced on all fronts and overwhelmed the Austrian battery - a sad veil was drawn over the shambles that was the Austrian army . A French win - helped by luck - Napoleon said 'give me a lucky general' ! and thats what he got this game ! .

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