Saturday, 22 October 2011

Oh No ! NOT another Set of Rules !! (2)

Yes I have succumbed to yet another period and set of rules !, the flesh is weak !. I have been toying with the idea of Flames Of War for quite a while , but always resisted the temptation - until now !. FOW seem to divide the wargaming community into people that like them and those that don't with no middle ground . the detractors of FOW  say its Warhammer 40K  with WW2 tanks , whilst those that like it say its a playable set of rules for WW2 . Must admit I  have always liked the wholistice approach - the packaging, cute dice boxes, templates etc , having recently sold some painted figures I  decided to take the plunge and buy into the whole FOW idea . The  new book (above) on the early desert seemed to be the period for me - no need for masses of terrain  for a start plus all those cute early war tanks etc.

I am planning on doing 600 points each of a British mobile 'Jock Column' and a Italian light infantry Bersaglieri company. I  have the basis for these on order , but have managed to pick up a Bersaglieri platoon off EBay .

These comprise of 3 squads each of 2 teams and a command section.

The figures come packaged with plastic bases for this organisation (very handy).

The figures are very detailed for 15mm .

It's much harder photographing 15mm than larger scales !.

Am pleased with my first paint attempts and look forward to trying out painting some vehicles . When I've painted up the 600pts for each side , I will expand up to the 1500pts that seem to be the norm for games . I have also got a copy of the main rules which I am slowly reading through . My wargaming colleague 'A' an officianardo of FOW  has promised to lead me through an introductory game to learn the rules... STOP PRESS.. My neighbouer has just dropped of a package which he took delivery of whilst I was out this morning , it contains the British force I ordered, Huzza !!


  1. Awesome, welcome to the flames of war family. :)

    Im glad this book is finially out as ive been keen to talk about it for months (i painted a good section of the miniatures in it and made most of the terrain). The armies in it are interesting and a bit different than what you will find in mid war or latewar (where tanks are king).

    If you have any rules questions let me know :0)

  2. Very impressed by book and like the whole FOW set up . Like the idea of the scenarios in FOW something very important in WW2 I think , you need a reason for fighting battles and to know when you've won .

  3. Personally I have no interest in gaming WWII . . . but any set of rules with as many adherents as FoW cannot be all bad.

    I hope that you enjoy your sojourn into this period, sir.

    -- Jeff

  4. Welcome to the slippery slope that is Flames of War. It would be the game I play the most regularly now, and I never thought WW2 would be in that category. I hope you like it.