Friday, 14 October 2011

TSATF- N.W.F. Game (3)

With the game drawing to a close the Bengal Lancers charged the Afghan cavalry unit , who caused heavy casualties on the Lancers with their rifles (Afghan shooting this game was exceptional) but they still managed to charge in breaking the Afghans and causing them to flee. The Highlanders fire discipline broke down again but this time they caused heavy casualties on the Afghan tribal infantry and they routed to.

By now both Afghan units in the village had run out of ammunition and a lucky shot from the Gatling gun severely wounded the Afghan CinC  .

Having caused substantial casualties on the British forces and their leader wounded the Afghans decide to withdraw .

Col. Crawly confers with Lt. Chambers commanding the Royal Artillery Gatling gun . The Gordon Highlanders had run out of ammunition (due to drawing a succession of 'Poor Fire Discipline' cards) and with over a quarter of the force as casualties the decision is taken not to pursue the retreating natives . The game ended there , a winning draw to the British force who were rather lacklustre and Col. Crawly must do better next time . The Highlanders are returning to base for firing practise and the Afghans leader Mustapha Kuppa is recovering from his wounds with his military prowess enhanced. The Afghans were ment to be reinforced with a unit of Russian infantry but real life interveaned and they have not yet been painted . The new card deck worked well and I look forward in using it in future games. P.S. the figures are a mixture of Old Glory and Foundry .


  1. A dem' fine report, sir! Col. Crawley sounds like a spiffing chap, although he needs to keep his haggis-eaters in line, or the bally Afghans will go through them a case of Delhi-belly once they're down to their last cartridges, eh what?

  2. Col. Crawly has a somewhat mixed career , vearing from the brilliant to the dismal !.