Sunday, 9 October 2011

TSATF - N.W.F. Game (2)

The Afghans in the village open fire and cause the first casualties . The piles of pennies are to keep track of the ammunition a unit has and its expenditure .

 A special card is drawn and this unit gets to move quicker !

The British Commander Col. H.C. Crawly ( creepy Crawly to his men !) tries to deploy his men under heavy fire ( the Afghans fire was very lucky in the first few moves - the British had a 'Poor Fire Discipline' card drawn and shot off half their ammo and hit nothing !)

The Lancers fall back to allow the Highlander to move forward , with the Gatling in support .

The other Platoon deploys under heavy fire .

 The British move forward cautiously and open fire on the enemy in the village - causing few casualties .

 When a 'Halt' card is drawn you stop the present bound and move onto the next , as in this example the Highlanders fire at the Afghans in cover - then a 'Halt' card was drawn and the firing bound stops and you move onto Hand to Hand, if there is any - the Afghans don't get a chance to fire this move . This is a new rule to me and I must say although at times frustrating I like it as it adds another degree of uncertanty to the game . Too be continued....


  1. Oops! We have been playing the "Halt" cards differently (and apparently incorrectly).

    What we've done is to only use them ala movement and that card (British or Native) that came up could then make no more movement that turn.

    But I think that your interpretation makes more sense.

    But what do you do if the card turns up in the middle of a melee?

    -- Jeff

  2. There was a little 'instruction ' card with my set and my reading of it was that in the movement bound if the HALT card was turned it halted movement and you went onto firing and if in firing bound you went onto melee - in melee it halted any melees yet to be fought, if it was turned up in say- mid firing a unit I would finish that units firing but there would be no more firing - moving onto melees to be fought. Hope this helps .