Saturday, 8 October 2011

Return of a Old Favorite

Its quite a while since I've had a game of TSATF and since I have just received a new card deck from TVAG  I decided to try them out with a N.W. Frontier game.

The British force comprised of 2 companies of Gordon Highlanders , a Squadron of Bengal Lancers and a Royal Artillery Gatling gun . The Afghans drew their force from a random prepared card pack , only 3 bands of Irregular Tribesmen and a unit of cavalry - Hmm ! the Afghans are up against it !.

However the Afghans are in talks with potential allies - the Russians !

A view of the table . The British are moving on the road nearest the camera , the Afghans are scattered about the board (positions where diced for)

In the village the Afghan leader Musthafa Kuppa harangues his men from the house roof.

Other Bands creep up on the British using the rough terrain as cover.

The Afghan horsemen move up to reinforce the village . To be continued....

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