Friday, 28 October 2011

FOW Vehicles painted.

Been going crazy painting up more FOW , have bought some new paints from Boyes chain store - Vallejo WW2 tank colours , this is the first time I have used them although my wargaming colleague 'A' raves about them - pleased with the results so far . Above is my Motor Company HQ section and transport.

Here are 4 Carro Armato L3/35 for the Italian Tankette Platoon ( this photo is not very good but my camera batteries were failing so had no time to take a better one ).

These are my pride and joy at the moment 2 Rolls Royce armoured cars from my Recce platoon, I need a Morris CS9 armoured car for the command vehicle to complete it.

Although under the rules you don't have to base vehicles I have decided to do so as I think it ties in with the infantry bases better for visual appeal. Busy reading the rule book and am pleased with the layout - all rules are carefully summarised at the end of each paragraph , very clear and easy to find - and understand !. A few more figures painted and I will be able to try them out with a small game .

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