Friday, 20 January 2012

Back Of Beyond Game (1)

My wargaming colleague 'S'  came round for a game last night and of course the main question was - 'what shall we do ?' . 'S' said 'why don't we do 'Triumph and Tragedy' they always give a good game!'.

So I dug out my copy of the rules and dusted off my 28mm Russian Civil War figures. (

The scenario was that a White Russian General and his mistress and guards are awaiting the arrival of a armoured train to whisk them to safety before the Reds can capture/kill them. The Reds are preparing a early morning attack on the station.

The White forces - 3 units of raw infantry and 1 small group of elite guards .

The Red attacking force 1 unit of raw infantry (nearest) and 2 units of trained infantry each with a light machine gun , lead by the local Commissar.

The White General and mistress have a word with the Station Master before retiring for the night ( 'S' thought the General and his mistress looked a bit like myself and my dear wife ! - Hmm  not sure to take that as a complement or not ?- I DON'T have a monocle nor does my wife have a pet falcon !)(sadly stature wise he may be right)

As dawn breaks the Red's creep up on the slumbering station .

The Commissar and the raw recruits move up through the woods ready to attack . (click on photos to enlarge) .Too be continued....

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  1. Nice looking figures, love the General in the red cloak!!!