Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year Battle (3)

The second (newly painted ) Austrian battalion deploys on the right flank as Prussian reinforcements in the shape of Von Guttenberg's Hussars (a fictitious unit) arrive . A fire fight between the Austrian grenadiers and the Prussian Frei Korps turns the Austrian way. The Prussian Jaegers fled the table having lost their melee with the Hussars .

The Von Guttenberg Hussars move to attack the Austrian cavalry . In the background the Austrian pioneers can be seen placing barrels of gunpowder on the bridge ready to demolish it.

The Von Guttenberg Hussars are a plastic Spencer Smith unit I picked up on EBay this last summer and revamped and re based .

The turning point of the battle ! - having taken heavy casualties the Prussian Frei Korps break and flee and the Prussian CinC is hit twice by stray shots and falls, failing his saving throws . With their commander gone and now no support the Prussians quite the field ! , a resounding victory to the Austrians . A strange little one sided game where the Prussians didn't get the breaks - reinforcements turned up late and in the wrong places and their shooting was poor , but an enjoyable game even so . One of the advantages of solo games like this is that you just can play them and see what happens without having to entertain another player. Interestingly both new units on the table didn't get to fight and so broke the trend of freshly painted units having bad first games.


  1. A very enjoyable battle report, and so pleasantly illustrated! Charles Grant 'Old School' at its best and in full colors: thanks for the eye-candy.

    And, cheering to see an 'imagi-native' 18th C. unit :)

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Mosstrooper, Please get right down to eye level with your camera for a few shots. I'd like to see your work up close. Thanks for posting.

  3. Next time I have my camera out I will do, Cheers Tony