Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Battle (2)

The Austrian Hussars charge the militia before they can fire a volley and break them in the melee.

Prussian reinforcements come onto the board .

The Prussian Frei Korp open fire causing casualties on the leading Grenadier Battalion and wounding General Mouters twice ! BUT he made his saving rolls !.

The Prussian Jaegers deploy ( not dark object to rear of board).

It's Sheba ! hiding in a clump of trees watching the action - a keen student of 18th cent. warfare .

The Austrian artillery reach the bridge and deploy . The Pioneers with the gunpowder move towards the bridge to demolish it.

The Jaegers open fire and get lucky killing the Austrian Hussar Colonel and halting their charge . (click on photos to enlarge) To be continued .....

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