Sunday, 17 March 2013

Triumph & Tragedy RCW Campaign

After the elimination of the Tsar and his family at Yekaterinburg the Bolsheviks made great efforts to round up any of his remaining relatives . This resulted in the capture of Prince Gorky and his family , this was reported in the British press and forced the Government to try and make a rescue attempt so that the Prince and his family can be used by the Allies and the' Whites' as a figurehead to rally support.
The local Committee argue what to do with their captives - opinion's differ between shooting them out of hand or transporting them to Moscow , the debate is vigorous !.
The British must act swiftly, their only 'man on the ground' is Captain D'Anger of the Royal Engineers (and all round good egg)  busy on a surveying trip in the Hindu Kush . On being alerted he crosses the border with a Yak caravan and meets his contact a mysterious Chinese beauty . He is immediately suspicious of a double cross but has no other choice but to believe her as he must start a rescue mission at once before the Reds can carry out their beastly plan !. Can D'Anger rescue the Royal family - too be continued .............


  1. I love T&T - it is a very nice set of rules. Like what your doing with the newspaper headline and the minis aren't half bad either. ;)