Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blowing up the Bridge (1)

I'm ready to play my first game using 'Triumph & Tragedy', each unit has a card with it's stats on it - red for the Bolsheviks , green for the Allies. The others are the order cards issued each move to each unit as it is activated. In the past I've used these rules a lot and found them a easy and fun set to use.
The table set out , the bridge which the Allies have to blow up to prevent the Royal family being move to Moscow crosses a stream. , Although only a minor structure it is not well guarded and its destruction would take many days to repair in this remote region .
Captain D'Anger counts as a hero in the rules (one per side) and his 2 bearers carrying the high explosives to demolish the bridge.
American Hiram Holliday (with his trusty BAR light m/g) and a group of 'White' Russian soldiers in the service of the local Chinese warlord (veterans) who has loaned them to ingratiate himself with the British.
A unit of Chinese bandits lead by Soh Long loured by the promise of British gold sovereigns and loot. ( untrained and only half armed with rifles)
Another unit of bandits lead by his enigmatic daughter Suzi Wong (untrained and only half armed with rifles), her reasons for joining the attack  are not yet clear.
The guards at the bridge (untrained) .The remainder of the force are asleep in the station buildings nearby. It is dawn and they are blissfully unaware of what is going to happen.
Hiram and his men move forward under cover of the woods ready for the signal to attack the bridge.
D'Anger 'encourages' his bearers forward - they are less than happy about carrying their loads of explosives into action. Both sides point values are equal (450 point) and about 36 figures aside. Too be continued.......


  1. A great looking set up.I await curtain up with keen anticipation...

  2. Very interesting looking set up. Hope to hear more soon.