Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blowing up the Bridge (3)

The White Russians and Bandits charge across the bridge as the remaining 'Reds' flee !.
Some more guards are alerted and move towards the bridge.
D'Anger gives his bearers a shinny sixpence each for delivering the explosives and they scamper off to safety . He sets to wiring up the charges ready to blow the bridge.
Suzi Wong and her band charge the Russians but fall short and start to take casualties.
The new unit of guards charge towards towards the bridge but are pinned down by the 'White' Russians and fail their morale roll and flee !.
At this point D'Anger got very lucky ( he needed to roll a '6' on the first move to set the charge off , a '5'or'6' on move two etc ) and rolled a '6' and was able to set the explosives off destroying the bridge !. This will prevent the Bolsheviks transporting the captured Royal family to Moscow by train and so they will have to use a cross country route . D'Anger has now time to plot a rescue attempt . Too be continued ....