Saturday, 23 March 2013

Blowing up the Bridge (2)

The game started with the 2 units of Chinese bandits breaking cover and charging towards the bridge , the Bolsheviks opened fire on them killing one figure .
Hiram Holliday and the 'White' Russians charged down the railway track towards the bridge.
Hiram opens fire and pins the 'Reds' down .
The 'Whites' charge and the pinned 'Reds' flee .
All this shooting awakes the Commissar Ivan Borodin (the Red Hero).
He alerts the veteran Siberian Rifles and they rush to reinforce the bridge.
Hiram leads his unit across the bridge under heavy fire losing 3 men (the little groups of pebbles on coins keep track of the suppression's caused on the unit, these reduce the units efficiency, when they equal the number of figures left in the unit they must take a moral test). The bandits also charge across eager for loot.
D'Anger and his bearers move onto the bridge , things are going to plan - so far ! . Too be continued......


  1. Great fun! I'm doing a Back of Beyond Game next month and this has got me in the mood to paint some more figures!

  2. Very nice! Impressive work on the figures, pictures and presentation!

  3. Excellent! More soon I hope!

  4. Lots of fun, nice looking table and figures. Looking forward to part 2.