Saturday, 9 March 2013

And Now For Something Entirely Different - Again

Every now and again I get the felling I want to paint something totally different from the run of the mill stuff I'm doing , Whilst searching under my wargaming table (a dark and potentially dangerous place - head protection should be worn - the number of times I have bumped my head !) I came across a box of 15mm Sci-Fi figures . Years ago I played a lot of 'Laserburn' and  these were purchased cheap off a bring & buy at a show to be reinforcements I think . They had never been out of their packets so I decided to clean them up and base them .
They are based on 'the little grey men ' of  Roswell fame, not sure what I am going to do with them as I remember 'Laserburn' were rather complex, but there must be some easier modern rules out there to use them with.


  1. God... Laserburn! My mate and I cut our wargaming teeth playing that when we were at school. I think I've still got set somewhere in the loft. I remember them being good fun but I'd be slightly scared to play them in case it spoiled my happy memories :)

    1. They are still available as are the figures from !!!!! . I don't have the rules now and peraphs I am looking at them with rose tinted glasses , but do remember playing them a lot .

  2. Imperial Commander was a larger battle/simpler version of the rules/setting. The still sells them.