Sunday, 5 May 2013

A S.Y.W. Campaign.

A wet Bank Holiday and 'home-alone' (my dearest working) so I have been playing on the computer designing a campaign map using 'Paint' . We will be using the Grant campaign system from 'The War Game' and my 30mm Spencer Smith collection .

Please click on it to enlarge , I am hoping to get a couple of my gaming friends to be the Prussian and Austrian commanders and to publish the various moves of the campaign on this blog . I have tried running this type of campaign before - with varying results ! - maintaining order between the opposing commanders is a problem and keeping on top of the paper work are a couple of the troubles when running a campaign !. Hopefully using the computer to store the moves and maps will make it easier. Too be continued.


  1. I thought I recognised the names of Andau, Trarbach and Oberhahn... Looking forward to see how this goes. Cheers,

  2. Looks to be an interesting campaign - look forward to following.