Friday, 31 May 2013

Spring Cleaning .

Been having a bit of a clean up , got rid of a lot of old paints and reorganised my painting tray . One factor is that I have started using Vallejo paints , having found that our local 'Boyes' sells them - so no more trips into Games Workshop to be cross examined by some spotty youth on "what are you painting now ?" - and the baffled look when you say - "Seven Years War Hessian Grenadiers !". Plus they are cheaper and seem to have more in the tubes. How long will it remain tidy ????


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  2. Well done sir, I like the mossy patina on the work bench...the badge of a veteran painter. I too use Vallejo paints and find them very good, although they do tend to separate quickly so I store quite a few colours upside down so the pigment mixes more easily on shaking. Another down side is the nozzle blocking and then splurging out when you squeeze it just a bit too hard...but anything is better than the hard sell GW staff.

  3. Yes getting just the right amount of paint out of the tube can be a problem . The work tray is a now out of production Games Workshop one and I have had it for about 10 years now .