Thursday, 30 May 2013

Aquarium Scenery

Was at 'Pets at Home' the other day and I always look at the aquarium section as there can be things of use for gaming and I came across the above on a 3 for 2 offer so I could not resist them !.
Was not sure what I was going to actually do with it , but it has Oriental overtones so it will be Fung Shwei's garden of earthly paradise !.I add MDF bases and tarted them up a bit .
But in this garden there are serpents ! - Bandits !!!. Hopefully this scenery will be featuring in future conflicts !.


  1. A cunning plan as Baldrick would say...

  2. Fabulous finds and they look great their new environment.

  3. Very nice they might make useful additions to a Villainous millionaires lair!

  4. Good finds! I have the shrine, also got a great little bridge at local garden centre/aquarium store for £3.95.

  5. Great looking scenery!