Sunday, 19 May 2013

O.S. ACW Reinforcements

A couple of years ago I bought a lot of plastic Spencer Smith 30mm ACW figures and I have just got around to painting some of them up.
Amongst them were some plastic Uhlan type cavalry - from their Napoleonic range (?) , I decided to convert them into the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry or Rush's Lancers as they were better known, by trimming the czapka into forage caps . 
Being plastic they were a bit of a problem to paint but a couple of coats of yacht varnish sorted that out . I have some more plastic cavalry which I will be painting up as Confederate 'Black Horse' cavalry .


  1. Fabulous and shiny, what delightful troops.

  2. Great looking troops!

  3. Very nice indeed. I'm always tempted by ACW figures.

  4. Good choice to repaint this lads - I imagine you may use them easily for different campaigns. Curious to see them in action soon!