Monday, 16 May 2011

Battle of Sawmill Village (1)

The battle field is based on the classic Grant scenario 'Sawmill Village' . I'm afraid the hills don't show up on this photo .
The armies march on, I was using double moves till the forces came within 24" . the rules ' Nostalgic Whim' use a variable movement for units .
The Austrians moved faster and deployed a foot battalion North of the village and their lt inf Pandours moved through the wood to the West . The Prussians split their forces - the Grenadiers and the gun move to the North of the wooded hill and the 2 Line Battalions move slowly to the South.

The Prussian Grenadiers deploy to confront the Austrian line , the other supporting units on both sides are slowly moving up .

The Prussian Regt Von Finck move up to deploy South of the village . I think I would use triple movement to speed things up in the future . Part 2 to follow -

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