Saturday, 7 May 2011

Prussian General Staff

Prussian Commander in Chief with staff , Bosniak guards and Lady friend
Making the grand Strategy (the ladies are about to venture their opinions)
The mounted Generals are a mixture of Willie and Spencer Smith , the Bosniaks are by Irregular. The dismounted staff are I think Stadden and the camp followers are Foundry , wagon and table by Irregular . I hope to do a battle report in the near future as I am keen to try out a new set of rules 'A Nostalgic Whim' ,which have been written by the proprietor of the Independent Wargames Group . They are a amalgamation of Featherstone, Grant and various other Old School rules . they look good so I can't wait to try them out.


  1. A touch of feminine delicacy is always nice in this war(gaming)-torn world...
    Then, the Foundry are Foundry, and thus omewhat Dixon-like orcish, while the Willie Lady from the "60 begins to show her age. Unfortunately, neither Frank Hammond nor DAF plan to invest in a female sculpt...

  2. One of the problems in miniatures is finding acctractive females ( could be said the same in 1:1 scale as well) , been searching for a 'femme fetale' type in 40mm for my other blog - no luck yet .