Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Battle of Sawmill Village (2)

The Austrian Pandour Lt infantry emerge from the wood onto the left flank of the Prussians , and start causing casualties .
The Prussian left flank began to crumble as did the Austrian left flank - especially when the Austrian CinC was killed by a lucky shot of canister from the Prussian cannon .
Due time restrictions it was impossible to take this game any further , at this point it was a draw . The rules worked well although I think I would increase the movement rates as these where a little slow .
The final position of troops at the end of the game , I will certainly be using these rules again as they gave a 'Old School' feeling to the game .


  1. In the Grant / Young tradition, what about designing at least a few 'Imagi-Native' units, with 'original' uniforms and flags?
    The Pandours reminds me of a Knötel plate, but look pleasantly 'exotic'.

  2. When I get around to it I plan to make a 'Imagination' flag and bearer for each regt .

  3. Looking forward to the imaginationary flags...